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Bananas ready to cook and fry

The banana is the favorite accompaniment of the Altagracia table, which is prepared in various ways.

The platillos from this municipality are: fish soup, clam chowder, roast meat with slices, fried mojarra, red mojarra, smoked mojarra, sweat fish, roast fish, sardine cakes, dried fish rice, fish ceviche, iguana pinol, pork rinds and eat, shut up, fish rondón, salted fish in rice, smoked king shad and ojoche seed cakes.

Between the confectionery Traditional of the municipality are the squash in honey, cassava fritters, mango jam, guava jam, pineapple jam, preserved fruits, papaya syrup and other fruits, pineapple motasatol and roasted banana pioresnada.

In terms of provision the corn tortilla, yoltamal, donuts, empanadas stuffed with cheese, pisque tamales, ripe tamales, dried banana tortillas and roasted banana.

chicha de cojombro

chicha de cojombro

The characteristic natural drinks are the various fruit juices according to the season: pineapple, papaya, mango, watermelon, pitahaya, calala and milk with banana.

Drinks derived from corn, corn chicha, ginger chicha, witch chicha, cohombra chicha, pinol, pozol, chingue, horchata, cocoa, warm, corn atol and sour atol with salt and sweet.

At Easter it is customary to eat fish in baho, salted fish in rice, rice with sardines, iguana pinol, turtle stew and Lenten syrups.

In the gastronomic fair that takes place in Altagracia -in the middle of the year and in other local fairs- specific dishes of the local gastronomy are exhibited and enjoyed, among which are foods made from corn, soups and typical foods.


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