Enchiladita boaqueña

Enchiladita boaqueña

The platillos Traditional are the boaqueña enchiladita, pork enchiladitas, morongas, pork head in pozol, pork with yucca, stuffed with beef, cream cheese, smoked, dry, frying and melted cheese; bull egg soup, fresh, smoked, dried curds; casserole dough or old Indian and the traditional fritangas.

In addition, there are all the derivatives of corn such as cooked corn, roasted corn, atol, rosquilla, nacatamales, güirilas, tortilla soup and other dishes.

The desserts Preferred are donuts, honey bee, batches, fritters, rice pudding, flakes with honey, breads and curd and corn donuts.

Between the confectionery traditional stands out the traditional donkey milk

All the  drinks Traditional dishes are pozol, pinolillo, tiste, pinol with changue, corn chicha and medicinal cususa.


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