We recommend you try the delicious oven stuff, made by Mrs. Rosa Alpina López , Known as "The Black".

This hardworking woman and culinary artist also makes delicious casseroles, very tasty nacatamales and appetizing soups of all kinds.

The great variety of delicious breads and the consumption of milk derivatives such as cheeses, curd, cream, among others, stand out as this is a livestock area.

The dessert that the Sauceños usually consume and that is not known in other places is the "ante bean". This sweet is made from red beans, milk, sugar, rum, vanilla and cinnamon.

In season there are also traditional nancite candies, made with acid nancites and sugar.

Donuts and oven stuff from Dona Rosa López _elsauce_gastronomia2

Donuts and oven stuff from Doña Rosa López.


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