The rich dairy and meat production It is the conditioning element of Juigalpine gastronomy. A wide variety of cheeses are made by hand: fresh, smoked and semi-smoked, yellow, with chili and cream, are some of the best known flavors. The curds, fresh and dry, are a national reference. To them is added the traditional quesillo.

The beef roasts they are widely popular and can be tasted in the traditional fritangas scattered throughout the city. Swollen guts and morongas continue to be offered along with enchiladas and beef tacos.

La tripe soup, with picket, it is a traditional dish generally offered on weekends, a time when families also tend to eat nacatamales.


bull egg soup

La bull egg soup It is a unique typical dish of this region. Every year, the largest in Nicaragua is made in Juigalpa. Thousands of people enjoy the fair that is held in October to celebrate the culture of Chontal. Bull eggs are also consumed roasted or in ceviche.

In the fishing community of Puerto Díaz, next to Lake Cocibolca, the famous fried guinea pigs, accompanied by rice, green plantain slices and fried tomato and onion salad.

Milk caramels, “los piyinas” cakes, fritters, cottage cheese, rice pudding, atol with piñuela and coconut cajetas sweeten the palate of Juigalpinos. In the summer season there are sellers of nougat or balls dipped in cane candy.

Among the traditional drinks are the warm one made with white pinol or pinolillo, chicha, jícaro seed and pozol. Witch chicha is a very popular intoxicating drink in the countryside.


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