In this municipality generally in the afternoons you can observe and visit the fritters which are spaces where diverse and fresh dishes are offered, among the most common are: slices with meat, ripe with meat, roast chicken, enchilada, stuffed potatoes, tacos, slices with cheese, fresh barley, cocoa and chia with tamarind.

There are other typical local dishes and drinks such as: bay horse, rice with gaspar, sour milk, nacatamal, beef baho, pork with yucca, beef soup, chicken soup, tripe soup, wafers, canton sweet biscuits, cookies simple, fifth peep, drunk soup, three milks, syrups, icacos in honey, delicacies, balls or nougat (popcorn), raspados, chicha de las seven quebradas (Holy Week), pinolillo, pozol, punch, corn and wheat atoles and hard atol.

Nicaragua is a coffee country and therefore Managua is home to places where you can enjoy delicious quality organic coffee.


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