Chicken soup

Chicken soup

The Traditional dishes local dishes are chilotes in stew, flor de izote and flor de piñuela stew, tortillas, tamal pisque, sweet tamal, nesquizado tamal, meatball soup, curd soup, güirila, bean soup, bean soup with pork skin, soup chicken with coarse ground corn, scrambled or stuffed empanadas, corn rice, marriage, caure or nacarigüe, stew of tender beans, makengue and mustard, nacatamales, old Indian, gallo pinto and roast beef.

Breads: Rosquillas (soft and toasted corn), rosquillas, puff pastries, rosquetes, pupusas, corn atole, simple and sweet banana breads.

La traditional candy store from Mozonte are fritters, cusnaca de jocotes, cooked jocote, mango jelly, ayote in honey, panela, alfeñique, cane candy, syrups during Holy Week, mango jelly, meringue, among others.

The corn atol, tiste, pozol, chingue, horchata, warm pinol, pinol cooked with milk, corn chicha, the peasant liquor cususa, jamaica wine and cucumber, make up the main drinks of this municipality.


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