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The Traditional dishes local are the nacatamales, stuffed chickens, yoltamal, tamal pisque, the anafre, head, corn rice and gallo pinto.

Other favorite dishes They are meatball soup, curd soup, cheese soup, pork leg soup, bean soup.

Breads: Pumpkin stuffed with candy, biscuits, semites, palmate marquesote, donuts, puff pastry, rosquetes, cookies and rolls.

In confectionery we have the pirulinos, beehive, coyolitos, riots, flakes, crispy, piñonates, torrejas, sighs, fifth pio, manjar cajeta, rice pudding, fritters, cusnaca de jocotes, cooked jocote, ayote in honey, syrup in season of Easter, candies, mango jelly and meringue.

All the drinks Favorites are the fresh rice with cocoa, rice with pineapple, punch, corn atol, tiste, pozol, horchata, warm pinol, pinol cooked with milk, corn chicha and cususa rum.


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