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Erlinda Ramirez.

When traveling towards Managua - León, it is customary to stop in La Paz Centro to savor a delicious quesillo with tiste. This mixture of milk, curdled through boiled water, served with pickled onion and wrapped in an omelette bathed in cream, which is traditionally accompanied with a tiste gourd, has become a true typical dish for the enjoyment of visitors who pass by. for this town.

The cheese is eaten in a plastic bag, although others prefer to eat it spread out on a plate. In its beginnings, the quesillo was sold in wrapping paper that was shaped like a cartridge to prevent the cream from spilling, likewise, it was eaten in guásimo leaves. 

the owner of the famous Güiligüiste Cheese, Doña Olivia Delgado de Ocampo, affirms that the quesillo is a native product of this municipality. She, at 71 years old, assures that the quesillo is a food that has been savored since the time of her parents.


Tiste refreshment.

Tiste is a drink made from corn and cocoa, but unlike pinolillo it has a higher proportion of cocoa and in this municipality they usually add "dawn" tortilla pieces, which are soaked in water and then ground to give it greater consistency.

Other soft drinks are pozol, jícaro seed, lukewarm pinol and the refreshing and aromatic fresh cocoa, morroco and chicha de cojombro. Semita is a variety of bread exclusive to La Paz Centro, where it is savored in any circumstance of the day or night, local bakeries have produced it for more than 120 years.

The ingredients are: yeast with flour, a pinch of salt and baking soda with the corn dough softened with rapadura honey before putting it in the oven and a few pieces of sweet that melt with the heat. Some add milk to knead the flour and give it a special flavor. It is par excellence the favorite bread of La Paz for its originality, and it is part of the gastronomic identity of the municipality.

Other breads are also made with the delicious original recipes of the grandmothers such as simple bread, polvorón, bread spikes, oven thing, pipes, rice bread and bathed cakes. About twenty bakeries supply the municipality.

Crispy Maní_lapazcentro_gastronomia4

Peanut crisp.

The Semites of the Areas Linarte family, those of Doña Eva Velásquez, the Munguías, Catalina Romero, Guadalupe Medrano, the Maltés family and those of the Moya family are famous.

The tasty regional food is part of the local gastronomic enjoyment, in which rice with dried fish, old Indian, bean soup with salted meat, pacos, fried beans with tortillas and curd, nacatamal, rice with jocotes and ayaco stand out. Among the traditional sweets of the municipality is the cusnaca, the bienmesabe, the emblematic zapoyol caramel, the tasty crunchy sesame seeds, peanuts and the caramelized peanut candy.

In Puerto Momotombo, during Lent, you can taste the traditional fish curd soup.


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