Because it is a city that has served as a transit route thanks to its geographical position and still preserves indigenous communities, it has recipes for traditional foods with that flavor of the grandmother and that undoubtedly satisfies more than one, these are: Moors and Christians or gallo pinto, ajiaco or ayaco, stone soup (Veracruz del Zapotal), roasted tamales, pebre, donuts, yoltamales, stuffed tanelos and sweet tortillas.

For the delight of your palate you can enjoy from a Friday afternoon the delicious nacatamales of Doña Norma Silva or the popular banana nacatamales of Vivian Ballesteros, you will also find some breads such as: cakes, donuts from the Las Piedras neighborhood, old women or flip flops, alfeñiques and donuts.


Banana Nacatamal


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