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Traditional Sweet Shop Cocoa Cobs

The typical dishes of this municipality are fried fish, guapote in tomato sauce or garlic sauce, black rice, iguana pebre in Lent; salpicón de cusuco; ajiaco or ayaco and the worst is nothing, whose main ingredient is green plantain, it also has pork rinds, lard, onion and chiltoma.

In breads oven things stand out.

In sweets we have the famous cocoa pods, unique in their kind, with more than a century of tradition; It is a unique sweet from this area whose main element is cocoa and sugar, cinnamon, pepper and cloves are added.

Visit the traditional candy shop "Mazorcas de Cacao", owned by the Hernández family, which is located in front of the Nicaraocalli School.

This traditional sweet is also made by Mrs. Ángela García, located one block north of Las Torres, 25 meters west; and Mrs. Gloria Pérez, who lives three and a half blocks north of the municipal mayor's office.

In addition to the traditional cocoa pods, they also make other designs in the form of fruits, baskets, trees, candies, etc. Cocoa is a historical reference and symbol of identity of the municipality.


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