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Bean soup with salted meat.

The gastronomic fair locally known as tertulias, are special events where numerous cooks from the municipality participate and present the best and tastiest traditional foods, displaying the best of Telica's culinary art.

Here you can taste tasty typical foods such as nacatamal, yoltamal, ayaco, dried fish rice, pacos, bean soup with salted meat, old Indian, baked goods, nougats and the delicious frozen chicha served in a bottle.

In Lent the municipality is decked out with the Lenten Food Fair, in which the traditional cheese soup stands out. Here you can learn about some variants of the famous recipe, typical of that fasting season. Also savor other dishes such as rice with fish, canned mixed vegetables, squash in honey and fritters.

The popular breads of the municipality are pipes, picos, quesadillas and rice bread. During the Gritería Chiquita it is tradition to prepare, deliver, receive and savor the traditional gofios, chicha and other sweets such as bienmesabe, zapoyol cajeta, sesame and peanut crunchy and caramelized peanut candy..


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