As is typical in Nicaragua, the gastronomy of the municipality of Tola is made from corn, the nacatamales, the old Indian and the pebre stand out; other foods are roast beef, slices, tacos, soups, gallo pinto, stuffed chicken, cheeses, curd and sour milk.

There are also typical dishes, representative of the local identity of the Mare, such as iguana stew, rice with fish, fish soup and crab or tiguacal crab, fried fish, sun-dried fish, baho fish and roasted fish. These dishes are typical at Easter time.

Among the drinks, corn chicha, pinol, tiste and pinolillo stand out.

Pozol and warm are drinks that were drunk in the early morning before going to work or at night. Donuts stand out in bread and liquor, cususa, guaro made from corn or rice stand out in drinks.


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