The municipality of Jinotepe is located in the central part of the department of Carazo, in turn it is located in the central western portion, on the Pacific Coast. The present climatic characteristic is dry and semi-humid tropical savanna. A predominant relief in the municipality in the middle and upper parts are the isolated plateaus and hills.

In the municipality of Jinotepe three geographic zones with particular climatic characteristics are identified; the upper part between 500 and 520 m above sea level; the intermediate zone between 200 to 500 m asl and the lower zone between 0 to 200 m asl

The natural attractions of the municipality of Jinotepe are:

Huehuete Beach

Huehuete Beach: the beach is dark sand, it has flat and rocky areas; and offers a space with privacy for sun and beach tourism, a silent witness to the appearance of the images of Santiago apóstol and San Sebastián, Huehuete sung by the Jinotepino poet Antonio Briceño. It is one of the best beaches in the country, ideal to enjoy spectacular sunsets, with easy access to the entire population of Nicaragua, it stands out for its sandy beach and with a good attraction of tourist services, it has been an inspiration for singer-songwriters and composers from Caracas.

Housing projects have been developed on this beach to spend pleasant moments with the family.

tupilapa beach, It is one of the beaches in this municipality, with abundant natural resources that you can discover through a tour of the community. It is located in the Tupilapa community, adjacent to Huehuete.

El Tamarindo Beach, It has cabins to sleep, property of the ANDEN organization, here you can take a bath in the sea, walk on the beach, play sports such as volleyball and beach soccer, do artisanal fishing, surf, tour the community, among others, located in the El Tamarindo community, near Huehuete.

Beautiful beach: Beautiful clear sand beach, with a wide coastline, ideal for beach games located between Tupilapa and Huehuete.

Paso Real waterfall, It is a natural slope that is eight meters high, here you can go hiking, take a bath in the waterfall, observe the flora and fauna, to make the visit more pleasant, you will enjoy the comfort offered by the house located north of the waterfall. It is located 12 kms. west of Jinotepe on an all-weather road in the Paso Real community.

Waterfall The ForestIt is a natural slope that is eight meters high, here you can go hiking, take a bath in the waterfall, observe birds, howler monkeys, butterflies, to make your visit more pleasant. It is located 12 kms. from the municipal cemetery of Jinotepe on an all-weather road in the El Bosque community.

Forest Waterfall

To practice rural tourism you can visit the La Ceiba farm, this is the first farm in Nicaragua where a coffee tree was planted, here you will see the hacienda house that dates back more than a century, also a ceiba tree, almost four meters thick, you can make tours of the area of ​​the farm that is especially dedicated to raising cattle. It is located from the Santiago Regional Hospital half a kilometer to the west. A short distance from the town center, access to a cobbled part, with an all-weather path, you enter with only the permission of the ranch keeper.

Natural Park "Golden Triangle" 


Located in front of Residencial Santa Rosa 300 meters to the west, Jinotepe - San Marcos highway, for all nature lovers, the natural park is a good option because it has a great variety of species of trees and ornamental plants, the park has picnic area, children's games, gazebo and family gathering.

Nursery Santa Elena, this site has a great variety of ornamental, fruit and medicinal plants. You can buy plants and take a little tour of the place. It is located 400 meters east from the bus terminal. South side of the park in the Cruz de Guadalupe neighborhood.

In the representative fauna of the municipality, rabbits, armadillos, foxes, keepers, deer, monkeys, howler monkeys, hawks, parrots, carrots, pijules, woodpeckers, snakes, garrobos, frogs, among others, stand out.

The municipality of Jinotepe shares the protected area with Santa Teresa Chacocente Wildlife Reserve from La Bocana de Río Grande, Huehuete and Tupilapa. There is an initiative to establish a biological corridor that connects Escalante - Chacocente in Santa Teresa with the Tecolapa estuary in Diriamba.


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