The Kligna Nature Reserve is located in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region, in the municipality of Puerto Cabezas. It has an area of ​​4,243.397 hectares. The area was declared through decree 42-91, published in the Gazette on November 04, 1991.

Presents ecosystems of gallery alluvial broadleaf seasonal evergreen tropical forest, alluvial broadleaf seasonal evergreen tropical forest, seasonally flooded or saturated, lowland, flat (alluvial), moderately drained, moderately drained, seasonal evergreen broadleaf riberine tropical forest, Lowland mixed seasonal evergreen tropical forest, flat (alluvial), moderately drained, Undulating to rugged lowland broadleaf evergreen tropical forest, well drained, Caribbean open estuary, Coastal alluvial lagoon, predominantly freshwater, Caribbean silty mangrove, Vegetation mosaic Transitional coastal beach, Sparsely vegetated tropical beach, Flooded savanna, short graminoid, pine tree lined, Permanently flooded savanna, short graminoid without woody cover, Saturated short graminoid savanna, pine tree, Marsh transitional coastal vegetation sa.