Hen/Stag old houses they are heritage and icons of the city. They are constructions of high wooden walls with wide corridors, with a style typical of the old mining towns. They have columns decorated with medlar, double doors with wrought iron knockers and dairy floors. Some have railings, their roof slope is pronounced, with a floor of carved or cut stones and overlapping type of plaster.

Virgen de la Luz Parish Church

La House of the Boilers It is one of the most representative and oldest in the town. It was built by Magdaleno Jiménez, town councilor and was used as a town hall. It is more than 150 years old, it was a meeting place for young table tennis players and it was also used as a social club, between the years 60-70. Its board walls, its wooden staircase and some murals of saints on the second floor are preserved.

La Will Balladare's houses is over 100 years old. In front of the park there is a house that was built at the same time as the Casa de Las Calderas, more or less in 1860, by the same carpenter. He was from the Porta family who were the richest in La Libertad. The list of houses of historical interest is complemented by that of Doña Rosita López, built in 1900.

La parish church, Located next to the municipal park, it is the temple where the devotees of the Virgen de La Luz attend.

Municipal Park of La Libertad. It bears the name of the progressive priest, educator of generations and favorite son of La Libertad, Enrique Boned Vallejos. This field has been remodeled by the municipality, installing modern children's games, wi-fi and a multipurpose court.

Cardenal Miguel Obando y Bravo Sports Center

El Miguel Obando and Bravo Sports Center It is an avant-garde metal structure to hold different sporting and cultural events.

La Virgen de la Luz roundabout, located at the entrance of the city, it is a local landmark.


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