León is a City of Learning, it is part of the UNESCO World Network of Learning Cities and is part of the National Network of Creative Cities, highlighting the field of literature.

The literary tradition of the city of León comes from its writers and poets such as the immense representative the Poet, Prince of Castilian Letters Rubén Darío; as well as the poets Salomón de la Selva, Azarías H. Pallais and Alfonso Cortés, known as the three greats, who have influenced prominent poets and novelists throughout the nation.

The city of León has hosted international events such as the Rubén Darío International Symposium and multiple National and International Poetry and Literature Festivals, literary gatherings, among other events.

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Creative Circuit «Dariano»

The infrastructure, the cultural, tourist and economic values ​​that this circuit possesses are:

  • Rubén Darío Archive Museum

  • Los Poetas Park

  • Jose de la Cruz Mena Municipal Theater

  • Leon Cathedral

  • Administrative Building UNAN Leon

  • Old Debayle Health House

  • Rubén Darío Centennial Square

  • Park of Dignity "Park of culture and dignity: Rubén Darío centenary"

  • San Francisco Church Atrium

  • Guadeloupe Park

  • Juan Jose Quezada Park Square

  • Fray Antonio Valdivieso Park

  • Mausoleum Park Pedestrian Street

Map of the “Dariano” Circuit