Chicken soup

Chicken soup

The Traditional dishes local are the montuca, the gürilas, beans with cuajadita and costal cream, picadillo, corn rice, marriage, nacatamales, old Indian, pinto rooster, canes asada, caure or nacarigüe.

Meatball soup, curd soup, bean soup, bean soup with pork skin, patio chicken meatball soup, chilote stews, pipián stews, ayote, tender bean stews, mustard, tortillas, tamal pisque , and sweet tamale.

In the breads, the donuts (soft and toasted corn) stand out, doggie, marquesotes, rosquete puff pastry, pupusas, corn atole, wheat seeds, cookies and rolls.

At Lóleo Eventos, traditional candy store local we find donuts in honey, orange peel syrup, green papaya syrup, buñuelos, cusnaca de jocotes, cooked jocote, ayote in honey, sugar cane honey, panela, alfeñique, sweet cane, syrups in season of Holy Week, candies, mango and meringue jelly, torrejas, and gofios, among others.

All the drinks Preferred are corn atol, tiste, pozol, warm pinol, pinol cooked with milk, maizillo chicha, corn chicha, characteristic punches in popular festivals.


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