The department is named in honor of Nicaraguan President José Madriz, its foundation was in 1936. Every year its constitution is celebrated on November 11, with parties in its main streets, fairs, cultural activities and historical exhibitions.

Somoto Canyon

Madriz, with a cool climate, is located 217 kilometers from the capital Managua, in the North-Central region of Nicaragua.

Piedras Pintadas Archaeological Park

Nature surrounds it, the Coco River crosses its municipalities, it is a department with hills, rivers, waterfalls, natural viewpoints, plateaus, standing out the Tepesomoto-La Patasta Natural Reserve and its canyon formerly known as Namancambre.

The artistic traces of our ancestors are reflected in the petroglyphs and cave paintings. These drawings on stone and walls can be seen at the sites of icalupe and Aguas Calientes, it is interesting for its wide open-air artistic display.

Among the fauna of the department, the roadrunner stands out, popularly known as the soul of a dog, they are also called tanuna and tours are even organized to observe these birds. Watching it run between the bush and the clean terrain is an attraction that attracts ornithologists and bird watchers.

Somoto donut making

The people of Madriz are hospitable, with artistic inspiration, proud of their traditions, laborious since dawn, because the artisans of the donuts get up to bring out the production that makes the department famous and it is a pride of reference of quality to say that donuts are de Somoto, giving it a designation of origin.

Each municipality has its particular spell, there are nine in total, some names have their own history through their indigenous toponymy such as Somoto, the main head, others are Yalagüina, Totogalpa, Telpaneca and Palacagüina. The other municipalities have names of Spanish and religious origin: San Juan del Río Coco, San José de Cusmapa, San Lucas and Las Sabanas.

Pine Leaf Craft

When visiting the department, the donuts from Somoto and Yalagüina will captivate you; Totogalpa and San Lucas will show you their craftsIt is amazing with indigenous reminiscences, the dolls molded in clay by the Muñoz family and the handicrafts in tusa, the husk of the corn cob made art by another artisan family. In San José de Cusmapa is the Balcón de Las Segovias, a natural viewpoint, and the artisans who work with pine needles (leaves), in Telpaneca, from the road to San Juan del Río Coco you can admire the waterfall of the Gruta de the Virgin of Lourdes.

So we are gradually entering Madriz, where its majestic Picudo hill and the Canyon of high walls of bare rock welcome you, live the careful attention of its inhabitants in its hotels, restaurants, cultural centers and museums.

Get to know it, it's ours!

Municipalities of Madriz

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