Masaya, is the living representation of national art and crafts, has one of the main centers of craft production in the country. The indigenous community of Monimbó It is the center par excellence of traditional trades and craft workshops, where the most prestigious hammock workshops in Nicaragua and with international recognition are concentrated; It is home to the workshops of leather goods, wood crafts, vegetable fiber, textiles, handicrafts, cabinetmaking, gunpowder workshops, textile design, among others. This neighborhood maintains and preserves its living culture, heritage of its ancestors, which today is national pride.

Creative Circuit »Creative Hands»

The infrastructure, the cultural, tourist and economic values ​​that this circuit possesses are:

  • Handicrafts Market with local craft offer and Cultural Activities Center

  • Central Park which includes monuments to personalities such as composers, musicians, poets and local and national heroes such as: Alejandro Vega Matus, Carlos Ulloa Arauz, Rubén Darío.

  • Infrastructure of cultural, religious, historical and educational value such as: Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, historical heritage of the Nation, Alejandro Vega Matus House of Culture, House of Crafts, among others.

  • Main street of San Juan highlighting the Church, the park and the craft workshops (hammocks, footwear and others)

  • Facade of the Old Houses

  • House of Crafts with training offer of handicrafts in danger of extinction.

  • Masaya boardwalk with its natural scenic beauty

  • Cuisine: Casona Vieja, Café café, las nani, el Alaya, el Güipil homemade food, la Ronda, La callecita, Asados ​​Doña Minguita, Entre Broders, Che Gris, La Cazuela, el Cuco.

  • Lodging: Freedom, Casa Vega, Mirador de los Arcángeles.

  • Religious Activities: Processions and activities of Lent, Holy Week and others

  • Alejandro Vega Matus Cultural Center

Map of the “Creative Hands” Circuit