Elaboration of clay crafts.

It is the seat of one of the indigenous peoples of north-central Nicaragua, who, proud of their culture, customs and knowledge, have preserved this legacy for centuries.

In its territory, of high and rugged lands, it is possible to explore its hills, while contemplating nature and the landscape that surrounds it.

Mozonte is located 234 kilometers from the city of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. It limits to the north with the Republic of Honduras, to the south with the municipality of Totogalpa, to the east with the municipalities of San Fernando, Ciudad Antigua and Telpaneca and to the west with Ocotal and Dipilto.

The economy of the municipality is based on agriculture, concentrated in the production of corn, beans, coffee and vegetables, as well as crops of sorghum, taro, tomato, pipián, squash, citrus and sugar cane.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



218 km2 693 AMSL 8,279 inhabitants
Urbana: 2,188 - Rural: 6,091


Corn drying.

From Managua taking a bus at the El Mayoreo Market that takes you to the city of Ocotal, it takes four hours to get there. There you take a bus to Jalapa and get off at Mozonte; or you can take a taxi to the municipality of Mozonte. The tour takes 15 minutes.

You can also travel by private vehicle by taking the Pan-American highway north to the city of Ocotal, then follow the road that leads to Jalapa towards the municipality of Mozonte.


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