The first priest who visited the community called it El Señor de Esquipulas and named him the patron saint of the town. The original name of Esquipulas was Kaulapa.

Inhabitants of Esquipulas

Inhabitants of Esquipulas

Esquipulas is a municipality with a cool climate, with hard-working, friendly and religious people. Dedicated to the production of basic grains and coffee, it also has natural attractions of tourist interest that are waiting to be explored by you.

The municipality is located 105 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with San Dionisio and Matagalpa, to the south with Boaco and San José de Los Remates, to the east with Muy Muy and to the west with the municipalities of Terrabona and San Dionisio.

The fundamental economic activity of the municipality is agriculture, mainly basic grains and coffee.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



216 km2 520 masl 17,747 inhabitants
Urbana: 6,268 - Rural: 11,479

How to reach?

Streets of Esquipulas

Streets of Esquipulas

You can get to the municipality using public transport that leaves from the Mayoreo market terminal to the municipality, or from Matagalpa on a bus that takes you to Esquipulas.

In a private vehicle you must take the Panamericana Norte highway, follow the signs to Matagalpa and from there follow the San Ramón highway. It can also be reached from the department of Boaco, by the San José de Los Remates road, on both roads there is proper signposting.


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