El Nancital Archipelago

El Nancital Archipelago

acoyapa It has been a town known historically for its vast cattle ranches and for its beautiful lake landscapes. It was the first head of Chontales. This municipality is known as "the branch of heaven" because a large part of its communities are named after saints.

El municipality of Acoyapa It is located 170 km. from the capital and 32 kms. from its departmental capital, Juigalpa. It limits to the north with San Pedro de Lóvago and Juigalpa, to the south with Morrito and El Almendro, to the east with Santo Tomás, Villa Sandino and El Coral, and to the west with Lake Cocibolca.

The economy of the municipality is based mainly on livestock. There is presence of crops of corn and beans, rice and sorghum. In the coastal zone, artisanal fishing is the main livelihood of families, allocating a part of the production to the national market.


Demographic data

Territorial expansion



1,381.79 km2 90.90 AMSL 19,994 inhabitants
Urban: 9,839 - Rural: 10,155



Central Park and Church of Acoyapa

To get to this municipality, you must board a bus with direct route to Acoyapa, depart at 02:00 pm and 03:40 pm from the terminal at Mercado El Mayoreo, in Managua. Another option is to take a bus to San Carlos, Río San Juan, which passes through Acoyapa.

If you travel in own vehicle You must take the North Pan-American Highway and at the San Benito junction you must turn right until you reach Juigalpa, then at the Lóvago junction you must turn towards the highway to Río San Juan. Acoyapa is 3 km from the junction. There is good signage.



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