Boaco, charming town, cradle of the dance theater «Los Moros y Cristianos». It is a city full of historical wealth. 

Panoramic of Boaco

Panoramic of Boaco

Famous for the magnificent panoramas of its valleys and hills that invites you to live with nature in its natural reserves, the habitat of a variety of flora and fauna species.

In Boaco, "City of Two Stories," the houses cover the hills, spread out over their slopes, reach the bottom, and climb back up the neighboring slopes.

The municipality of Boaco is located 88 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with the municipality of Muy Muy, to the south with the municipalities of San Lorenzo and Camoapa, to the east with Camoapa and to the west with San José de Los Remates, Santa Lucia and Teustepe.

The fundamental economic activity of the municipality is the livestock activity, being one of the largest suppliers of meat to the national market, with a great impact on the production of milk and its derivatives.

The city of Boaco founded in 1763, had 2 seats before the one it currently has, the first Boaco Viejo assaulted by the Misquitos and Caribes and the second Boaquito, food shortages, constant attacks from other tribes and the cholera disease almost disappeared , but some settled in the current Boaco. Boaco derives from the Boaj subtribe, a hybrid word name sumo Nahuatl, which means "place of the boaj" because before the conquest the forests were occupied.

Boaco is a municipality and a city in Nicaragua, head of the department of Boaco.

Boaco is surrounded by beautiful landscapes where valleys, hills and hills, nature reserves, waterfalls and rivers contrast, becoming an opportunity for tourist activity.

The main economic activity is agriculture and livestock, in the north the main crop is coffee.

Boaco possessor of great cultural wealth such as the ancient dance of the Moors and Christians dance comedy popularly known as the dancers. The varied gastronomy based on corn, but where the very original typical foods stand out, such as the enchiladitas boaqueñas and the Henchidas de Res. Boaco possesses hospitable and cheerful people, cradle of poets and writers, painters and sculptors.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



1,086.81 km2 360.00 masl 59,985 inhabitants
Urbana: 24,856 - Rural: 35,129

How to reach?

Cheese making

Cheese making

If you want to visit this municipality, you must board the transport units at the Mercado El Mayoreo terminal that go to Boaco, this trip lasts approximately an hour and a half. There are also buses from the city of Juigalpa to Boaco.

If you prefer to travel by private vehicle, you can do so by taking the North Pan-American Highway, when you reach the San Benito junction, turn right, pass the municipality of Teustepe until you reach the Boaco junction, here turn left until you reach the municipality.


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