The initial name of the municipality and its head was San Buenaventura, in honor of the nineteenth-century Leonese jurist, politician and deputy, Mr. Buenaventura Selva, grandfather of the illustrious and well-known poet, Salomón de la Selva.

This municipality was founded in 1834. It is not certain who the founders were, it is believed that they were the ancestors of the inhabitants of Santa Rosa del Peñón.


The municipality of El Jicaral is located 164 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with Santa Rosa del Peñón, to the south with Lake Managua, to the east with Ciudad Darío, San Isidro and San Francisco Libre and to the west with the municipalities of Larreynaga and El Sauce.

The main economic activity of the municipality is agriculture and mainly sesame, beans, corn, millet, sorghum and rice are grown; other activities in El Jicaral are fishing and livestock.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



431.48 km2 115.72 masl 11,655 inhabitants
Urban: 1,256 - Rural: 10,399


To get to the municipality of El Jicaral, you must board a transport unit at the bus terminals in Managua located in the Israel Lewites Market or in front of the Casimiro Sotelo Montenegro National University, heading towards the city of León, then at the terminal De León boards a bus that goes to San Isidro, they leave every 30 minutes, the trip lasts an hour and a half, El Jicaral is at kilometer 63.

If you travel by vehicle, take the road to León. When you reach the city of León, continue the road that takes you to Chinandega, until the detour of the road towards Telica and San Isidro, turn right and you will arrive at El Jicaral.



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