Jícaro, in the Matagalpa language, means “Vessel with a navel”.

Cattle grazing

The name is due to the indigenous group of Xicaros from pre-Hispanic times who settled in this place before the arrival of the Spanish; being some of its chiefs Moyuca and Xicaques.

El Jícaro was elevated to a municipality in 1874. Territory of national decorum and scene of Sandino's struggle. This town still preserves the colonial legacy with its mud houses and tile roofs, a symbol of the city's cultural identity. Its people, simple and smiling, will welcome you.

The municipality of El Jícaro is located 281 kms. away from Managua, the capital of the country. It limits to the north with Jalapa, to the south with Quilalí, San Juan de Río Coco and Telpaneca, to the east with Murra and to the west with Ciudad Antigua and San Fernando.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



428.78 km2 580.00 AMSL 31,224 inhabitants
Urbana: 9,000 - Rural: 22,224


The population of the municipality is dedicated to agriculture with crops of beans, coffee, corn, sugarcane and vegetables. Similarly, extensive livestock is present in the municipality.

To visit this municipality from Managua, you must go to El Mayoreo Market, take a transport unit heading to Ocotal, then there you take another unit bound for El Jícaro.

If you are traveling by private vehicle, you must take the North Pan-American Highway towards the municipality of Sébaco, take the detour towards the city of Estelí and continue towards Nueva Segovia, until you reach El Jícaro.


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