El Tuma - La Dalia is a beautiful municipality that awaits you, characterized by its natural beauty and beautiful cultural manifestations. 

Panoramic of El Tuma – La Dalia 2

Panoramic of Tuma-La Dalia

Its inhabitants are simple, hard-working and hospitable people who will receive you with a smile and will make you feel at home.

The municipality is located 175 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with Jinotega, El Cua and San José de Bocay, to the south with Matiguás and San Ramón, to the east with Rancho Grande and to the west with the municipality of Matagalpa.

The fundamental economic activity of the municipality is agriculture, the main sector being the production of basic grains and the production of coffee for export.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



652 km2 720 masl 71,031 inhabitants
Urbana: 10,958 - Rural: 60,073

How to reach?

municipal market of tuma la daila

Tuma Municipal Market - La Dalia

To get to this municipality you must board a public transportation unit at the Mayoreo market terminal bound for Matagalpa and later to the Guanuca market bus terminal and there take a bus to La Dalia.

You can also travel by private vehicle following the northern Pan-American Highway arriving at the city of Sébaco, continue towards the city of Matagalpa and head to the right towards the municipality of El Tuma – La Dalia, located 45 kilometers from Matagalpa.


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