Matagalpa, popularly called "Pearl of the Septentrión"; city ​​where the cool mountain climate welcomes you. Land of coffee, whose name means "House of the nets or tangled farmhouse", of Nahuatl origin, matla-cal-pa.

Matagalpa City

The municipality is located 130 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with Jinotega, to the south with the municipalities of Terrabona, Esquipulas and San Dionisio, to the east with the municipalities of El Tuma-La Dalia, San Ramón and Muy Muy and to the west with Sébaco.

The main economic activity of the municipality of Matagalpa is diversified in the following products: Coffee, beans, corn, vegetables, flowers; without leaving behind the goods and services both in the industrial sector (benefits and development of agricultural and industrial machinery), commercial and tourism with its urban and rural community sustainable tourism offer, which has been growing with the transformation and implementation of the creative economy. from natural heritage and agricultural crops.

Matagalpa has the largest chain of Gourmet Baristas at the national level, which have the entire coffee quality control process from its cultivation to the cup served and enjoyed with innovative recipes that educate the consumer's palate.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



644 km2 681 masl 156,218 inhabitants
Urbana: 102,386 - Rural: 53,832

How to reach?

Entrance to Matagalpa

To get there you can take an express bus at the bus terminal of the Mayoreo market to Matagalpa, this journey lasts two hours and 30 minutes.

You can also travel by private vehicle, along the North Pan-American Highway, arriving at the municipality of Sébaco, you must turn right and 25 kilometers you will find this beautiful municipality.


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