Matiguás means, in the Mayagna language, “River of the rats”. 

Milk hauling

Milk hauling

This municipality was founded in 1920 and elevated to city in 1999; It is an eminently rural municipality, so a large part of the cultural expressions and manifestations revolve around agrarian life.

It is the largest municipality in the department of Matagalpa and is located 249 kilometers from Managua, capital of the republic.

It limits to the north with El Tuma - La Dalia and Rancho Grande, to the south with Camoapa and Boaco, to the east with Río Blanco and Paiwas and to the west with the municipalities of Muy Muy and San Ramón.

Banana cultivation

Banana cultivation

The economy of the municipality is based on livestock and agriculture, essentially the production of basic grains destined largely for family consumption and some for commercialization. Vegetables and fruit trees are also grown.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



1532.25 km2 297.08 masl 51,253 inhabitants
Urbana: 21,893 - Rural: 29,360

How to reach?

Municipal park

Municipal park

The municipality can be reached by taking a bus from Managua at the Mayoreo market terminal to Río Blanco and ask the driver to get you off at Matiguás or board a bus to Matagalpa and from there take another that takes you to the center of the municipality.

If you travel by private vehicle, take the Panamerican Highway Managua - Boaco - Muy Muy - Matiguás, following the signs to guide you along the way.


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