Fishermen on Lake Cocibolca

The term Moyogalpa has its origin in the Nahuatl word, moyot-mosquito; galpa-place, which means Place of mosquitoes.

Moyogalpa, founded between a sea of ​​fresh water and a mountain of fire, is proud to be a town of smiling, friendly people and above all passionate about the nature that surrounds them.

Moyogalpinos know how to passionately enjoy their natural paradise, always ready to share their passion with those who visit them and respect their natural and cultural heritage.

Cultivation of bananas

The municipality of Moyogalpa is located in the extreme northwest of Ometepe Island, about 10 kilometers from the coast of the municipality of San Jorge and 131 kilometers from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. It limits to the north, south and west with Lake Cocibolca and to the east with the municipality of Altagracia.

The main economic activities of the municipality are agriculture and livestock. The main agricultural crop is bananas and basic grains. Sorghum, sesame, watermelon, sugar cane and tobacco are also grown. Added to this, its flourishing tourism.

Transportation within the Island of Ometepe is made up of passenger routes that run through all the communities on the island, as well as taxi services and tourist transportation. In the aquatic area, the municipality of Moyogalpa has a port and several ferry services and passenger boats.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



76.00 km2 720.00 AMSL 71,031 inhabitants
Urbana: 10,958 Rural: 60,073


Port of Moyogalpa

To get to this municipality you must board a transport unit bound for the municipality of San Jorge, at the Roberto Huembes Market bus terminal in Managua or a bus that goes to Rivas and from there you board a taxi that will take you to the Port of San Jorge. There you can take a ferry to Moyogalpa on a trip that lasts about an hour.

In a private vehicle you take the road to Masaya or the Carretera Sur, until you reach Nandaime, continue towards Rivas and at the small roundabout of Cristo de Popoyuapa, located at the entrance of the city, turn left towards San Jorge, until get to the lake port.



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