Murra, an eminently rural municipality, keeps in its territory part of the history of the Army for the Defense of National Sovereignty (EDSN) led by the General of free men Augusto C. Sandino.

Defense Army of National Sovereignty

It is known for its production of high altitude coffee and its peaceful and quiet life, surrounded by forests, waterfalls and hills that satisfy the search for a space for rural tourism. 

The municipality is located 296 kilometers from the capital of Nicaragua, Managua.

It limits to the north with Jalapa and the Republic of Honduras, to the south with Quilalí, to the east with Wiwilí and to the west with El Jícaro.

The municipality's economy is based on agriculture, concentrated on bean and corn crops. Coffee, cassava, quequisque, sugar cane, malanga, tomato, squash, chiltoma, potato and cabbage crops are also established. Livestock is on a smaller scale.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



429.13 km2 750 AMSL 17,878 inhabitants
Urbana: 1,846 - Rural: 16,032


Streets of the municipality

To get to Murra from Managua, take a bus from Mercado El Mayoreo to Ocotal, the journey takes approximately four hours. When arriving in Ocotal at the north terminal, another bus is boarded towards Murra, passing through the municipality of El Jícaro, the journey takes four more hours.

By private vehicle you must take the North Pan-American Highway towards the city of Ocotal, and then the street that goes towards the municipality of Murra. It is currently paved.


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