Monument in homage to quesillera women.

The first settlers who settled in the municipality of Nagarote, according to studies, were from the Chorotega ethnic group, that is why the name of Nagarote means "On the path of the Nagrandanos", from the voices "nagrand" which means Nagrandanos, a group that was located in the western region from Nicaragua.

The municipality of Nagarote is located 42 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with La Paz Centro and Lake Xolotlán, to the south with Villa Carlos Fonseca or Villa El Carmen, to the east with Mateare and to the west with the Pacific Ocean and the municipality of León.

The fundamental economic activity of the municipality is cattle ranching, agriculture and the marketing of cheese.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



598.38 km2 75.69 m asl 37,558 inhabitants
Urban: 24,066 - Rural: 13,492


You can get to Nagarote by taking a transport unit at the bus terminal in front of the Casimiro Sotelo Montenegro National University, or at the Israel Lewites Market you take a bus to the city of León, since this municipality is on the road. There are also buses that take you directly.

If you are going to travel by vehicle, take the new road to León, and be guided by the traffic signs that will indicate you when you arrive at the entrance of the municipality.



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