Streets and settlers of Nindirí

Streets and settlers of Nindirí

Nindirí is a Chorotega word that means "height of the cochineal", was built on a pre-Hispanic Chorotega city, known as "tenderí", land of the Cacique Tenderí.

"Land of charms and legends" town of industrious, simple and hospitable people, whose identity and daily life pass combining myth, faith, legend and history.

The municipality of Nindirí is located 26 kilometers south of the city of Managua. It limits to the north with Managua and Tipitapa, to the south with Masaya, Masatepe and La Concepción; to the east with Masaya and to the west with Ticuantepe.

The production of basic grains for commerce and family consumption is one of the main economic activities in the area. Corn, beans, rice, and sorghum are the most widely cultivated. But seasonal products such as melon, watermelon, peanuts, yucca, pipián, squash, papaya, pitahaya, passion fruit, pineapple, among others, are also planted.

Producer of Nindirí

Producer of Nindirí

The internal and external road network of the municipality is in good condition and public transport to neighboring municipalities and rural communities is provided by buses and motorcycle taxis. You can visit the communities of Los Altos, Cofradía, San Francisco, San Joaquín, Veracruz, Guanacastillo, Piedra Menuda, Campuzano, Madrigales Norte, Madrigales Sur, Raizon, El Portillo, Buena Vista, Lomás del Gavilán, Los Vanegas and La Joya.

The municipality of Nindirí has ​​the services of commercial banking, telephony -fixed and mobile-, mail services, electricity, drinking water and health centers that offer coverage in rural and urban areas.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



142.91 km2 223.00 masl 53,435 inhabitants
Urbana: 25,287 - Rural: 28,148

How to reach?

Central Park

Central Park

Nindirí can be reached from Managua by boarding the inter-city buses that leave from the bus terminal in front of the Casimiro Sotelo Montenegro National University, or from the Roberto Huembes Market. In both terminals you board buses that go to Masaya, Granada or Rivas.

Ask the driver to get you off at kilometer 26, right at the entrance of the municipality. From there you can reach the town center on foot or by cycle taxi. If you go in your own vehicle, from Managua on the highway to Masaya-Ganada you get to kilometer 26 where there is a fuel station; you will turn left to enter the city center.

Other accesses to get to Nindirí are through Los Altos, Tipitapa and Sabana Grande.



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