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Ocotal known as "The City of Pines". Prolific municipality of artists, historians, poets and muralists.

It is a vibrant city of commerce and permanent cultural proposals. The panoramic views of the city from the neighboring hills are completed with the impressive presence of the Cerro Mogotón, the highest peak in Nicaragua.

The municipality of Ocotal is located 222 kilometers from the city of Managua, it limits to the north with Dipilto, to the south with Totogalpa, to the east with Mozonte and to the west with Macuelizo.

The economy of the municipality is based on the service sector and commerce in general.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



108 km2 882.00 masl 6,326 inhabitants
Urbana: 547 - Rural: 5,779

How to reach?

Municipal market

To get to Ocotal from Managua, you must board a collective transport unit at the Mercado El Mayoreo bus terminal to this municipality. Transportation schedules are regular and the road is in good condition.

Likewise, you can travel to Ocotal from Estelí, board a bus at the Estelí bus terminal to Ocotal.

You can also travel to the municipality by private transport, following the North Pan-American Highway towards the city of Estelí, passing the city, drive to the Somoto-Yalagüina junction and turn right on a road in excellent condition until you reach the municipality of Ocotal.


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