Monument to José Laureano Pineda

Lively and colorful town, it saw the birth of Don José Laureano Pineda, politician and promoter of the designation of the city of Managua as the capital of the country.

The municipality has natural riches of extraordinary beauty that are waiting to be discovered. Come and discover this little piece of Nicaragua that has a lot to offer! .

The municipality of Potosí is located 101 kilometers southeast of Managua, capital of Nicaragua. It limits to the north with Nandaime, to the south with Rivas, to the east with Buenos Aires and to the west with Belén.

The agricultural sector is the municipality's main income generator, most of the working-age population works in the fields. Livestock is dual-purpose, meat and milk for the consumption of the population.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



143.59 km2 63.00 AMSL 13,189 inhabitants
Urbana: 5,647 Rural: 7,542


To get to the municipality of Potosí, from Managua, you must board a collective transport unit at the bus terminal located in the Roberto Huembes Market to the city of Rivas. Then take a bus or taxi to Potosí.

Municipality street

If you are traveling by private vehicle you must take the South Pan-American Highway towards Rivas, follow the signs and on the left you will see the entrance to the municipality, turn at the junction and drive on the street until the entrance to the city.



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