The name of San Dionisio honors the Central American head of state of that time, Dionisio Herrera.

Cattle herd

Cattle herd

San Dionisio, where indigenous traditions survive a modern world, country culture is breathed among hills, rivers and dreamlike landscapes, in a natural environment of great wealth.

The municipality of San Dionisio is 166 kilometers from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, and 37 kilometers from the city of Matagalpa. It limits to the north with Matagalpa, to the south with Terrabona, to the east with Matagalpa and Esquipulas and to the west with Terrabona.

The main economic activity of the town is agriculture, vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and peppers are grown. Livestock is also an important item in the municipality, which is intended for dual purposes, milk and fattening.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



165.50 km2 380 masl 18,278 inhabitants
Urbana: 2,944 - Rural: 15,334


San Dionisio Center

San Dionisio Center

To get to the municipality from Managua, you must board a bus at the Mayoreo market to the city of Matagalpa. Once in the city, from Cotran Norte you can take a bus to the city of San Dionisio.

If you travel by private vehicle you must take the Panamericana Norte highway towards the city of Matagalpa. When you get there, follow the signs to San Ramón and then to the municipality of San Dionisio, located 37 kilometers away.


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