San Ramón is located between the indigenous and the colonial, its territory of indigenous origin and its name of Spanish Catholic origin. The municipality receives that name in honor of its patron saint, San Ramón Nonato, saint of pregnant women.

Founded in 1800 by Fray José Ramón Rojas, a Cardinal Friar who fought for slaves and marginalized people, it was elevated to a municipality on August 31, 1904 and elevated to a city on August 31, 2004.

The municipality of San Ramón is located 142 kilometers from the country's capital, Managua, approximately two and a half hours from the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport and 12 kilometers from the departmental capital, Matagalpa.

It limits to the north with El Tuma - La Dalia and Matagalpa, to the south with Matagalpa and Muy Muy, to the east with Matiguás and to the west with the municipality of Matagalpa.

Its municipal jurisdiction includes the urban area with nine neighborhoods and the rural area made up of 16 counties and 96 communities.

coffee cultivation

coffee cultivation

It has study centers at the primary, secondary and technical levels; health center, General Fire Department, conventional and traditional medicine pharmacies, a Petronic service station, taxis, rapibuses, BAC AND BANPRO banking services (Rapi – Bac and Banpro Agent) and a municipal market for local products.

The main economic activity of the municipality is the agricultural sector, highlighting coffee, beans, corn and small-scale vegetables and non-traditional products; also on a smaller scale, livestock.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



487 km2 690 masl 37,324 inhabitants
Urbana: 4,014 - Rural: 33,310

How to reach?

Entrance to the municipality of San Ramón.

Entrance to the municipality of San Ramón.

From Managua, go to the El Mayoreo Market bus terminal, there you can board an express bus bound for Matagalpa, upon arrival board a taxi to San Ramón or one that takes you to the Guanuca stop and there board a bus public, bound for San Ramón.

Another option, in Matagalpa, is to take a taxi from Cotran Sur to the Guanuca bridge, where interlocal taxis will transfer you to San Ramón. The journey from Matagalpa will take approximately 20 minutes.

If you come by private car, when you arrive in Matagalpa, take the road that goes to El Tuma - La Dalia, seven kilometers away you will find the San Francisco junction, turn to your right and five kilometers away you will find this beautiful municipality.

The access roads are paved and cobblestone, ideal for any type of vehicle, single or double traction.


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