Saint Thomas of Loviguisca, its real name, is a livestock municipality with a privileged nature. Its livestock tradition facilitates the preparation of a wide variety of products, especially the quesillo that continues to be promoted as the best in Nicaragua.


Witch Puddle

The city is 180 km. from Managua, capital of Nicaragua, and 40 kilometers from the departmental capital, Juigalpa.

It limits to the north with San Pedro de Lóvago and Santo Domingo, to the south with Villa Sandino and Acoyapa, to the east with Muelle de los Bueyes and to the west with San Pedro de Lóvago.

The municipal economy is based on livestock, agriculture and trade. The crops that are mostly established in the municipality are basic grains, Musaceae and roots and tubers.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



546.60 km2 410.80 masl 18,945 inhabitants
Urban: 13,870 - Rural: 5,075

How to reach?

Highway to Chontales

To get to the municipality from Managua, you must board a bus at the Mercado El Mayoreo bus terminal bound for El Rama, which will take you to this municipality on its way.

If you are traveling by private vehicle, you should take the Pan-American highway north to the San Benito junction, turn southeast (right) on the road to Chontales, until you reach Juigalpa, and continue towards the Lóvago junction, turn left until you reach Santo Thomas.



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