Telica volcano.

Its name is derived from the Nahuatl term “TLILLICAN”, which means “Black Place”, probably named for the black color of the volcanic sands located there.

Etymologically, its name means “Black or blackish place”, due to the numerous spots of black lava that are found in its surrounding lands and comes from the ancient Mexican language, from the words “tlili”, black contil; and the adverb of place «Can» or «apan».

Telica is located 112 kilometers from the city of Managua. It limits to the north with Chinandega and Villanueva, to the south with León, to the east with Larreynaga and to the west with the municipalities of Quezalguaque and Posoltega.

The fundamental economic activity of the municipality is agriculture and livestock.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



400.00 km2 119.00 m asl 25,799 inhabitants
Urban: 8,843 - Rural: 16,986

How to reach?

North entrance to the municipality

To visit the municipality of Telica, board a transport unit bound for the city of León, at the bus terminal located in front of the Casimiro Sotelo Montenegro National University, or at the Israel Lewites Market terminal (both located in the city of Managua). Then, at the León terminal, you must take another transport unit that goes to the municipality of Telica.

If you go by vehicle, take the León-Chinandega highway at kilometer 102.



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