Teustepe, a municipality known for its hot springs, rivers, pools and waterfalls. In its territory indigenous Chorotega tribes settled with a predominance of the Nahuatl language, their name is derived from the voices Teote (gods) and Tepec (seat or place) which means “Place of the Gods”. 


Municipality of Teustepe

Its territory has very interesting archaeological vestiges and offers the possibility of exploring its hills, and enjoying the waters of pools and rivers. Go ahead and visit it!

The municipality of Teustepe is located 71 kilometers from the capital Managua and 20 kilometers from its departmental head Boaco. It limits to the north with San José de los Remates and Ciudad Darío, to the south with Granada and Tipitapa, to the east with San Lorenzo and to the west with Tipitapa.

Livestock has been the most important item in the municipality's economy. Beans, corn, sorghum, Indian sorghum and million sorghum stand out in agriculture.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



120.78 km2 560.00 masl 8,961 inhabitants
Urbana: 2,365 - Rural: 6,596

How to reach?

Central Park of Teustepe

Central Park of Teustepe

To get from Managua to this municipality, you must board a bus at the Mercado El Mayoreo terminal bound for Teustepe. There are also buses that from the city of Boaco take you to the municipality.

If you travel by private vehicle, take the Managua-El Rama highway, in San Benito turn right and at kilometer 70 towards the northwest, take the detour that will take you to the municipality, following the signs.


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