The word Wiwilí is of Miskito origin and means "Zompopo de Agua" (Wiwi means zompopo and Li means water). Its population is multiethnic, made up of people of Miskito origin located mostly in the north of the municipality and mestizos settled in the center and south of it.

Trade of vegetables and fruits harvested in the municipality

It shares with Wiwilí from Nueva Segovia the title of “Cradle of cooperativism”.

Wiwilí de Jinotega, guarded by the Kilambé hill, emerges on the banks of the Coco or Wangki river, has in its territory opportunities for nature tourism that together with the local cultural wealth you will discover a place with welcoming, hard-working and enthusiastic people.

The municipality of Wiwilí is located 260 kilometers from Managua and 98 kilometers from Jinotega. It limits to the north with the Republic of Honduras, to the south with El Cua and Santa María de Pantasma, to the east with El Cua and San José de Bocay and to the west with the municipality of Wiwilí de Nueva Segovia.

The main economic activities of the municipality are livestock and agriculture. They mainly produce coffee, cocoa and basic grains. The agricultural activity is intended for self-consumption and marketing outside the municipality.

Its main commercial relationship is with the departments of Matagalpa, Estelí and Nueva Segovia, and the other municipalities of Jinotega.

Demographic data

Territorial expansion



2,370.08 km2 295.53 meters above sea level 89,039 inhabitants
Urbana: 11,949 - Rural: 61,723

How to reach?

Wiwilí Center

You must board a bus bound for Jinotega at the Mercado El Mayoreo terminal in Managua, then take a taxi to the bus terminal of the Mercado Municipal "Rigoberto López Pérez" to board a bus heading to Wiwilí.

If you go by private vehicle you must take the North Pan-American Highway towards Jinotega and Santa María de Pantasma, passing this last municipality, travel approximately 48 kilometers and you will be in Wiwilí.


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