The platillos se Murra are: old Indian, stuffed chicken, nacatamal, güirila, chanfaina, corn rice, ground beef, pinto rooster, tender bean, potato, pipián, ayote and chilote stew.

Corn atol

Also chicken soup with corn rice, flour tortilla, meatball soup, curd soup, bean soup, bean soup with pork skin and chicken soup with coarsely ground corn.

The donuts, puff pastries, cajetas, rosquetes, wheat semitas and sweet bread are part of Murra's delicacies. In pastries, Panadería La Fe, Panadería El Peludo and Pan Dulce La Fe stand out.

Traditional sweet shop. Flakes, fritters, cusnaca de jocotes, ayote in honey, panela, alfeñique, sweet cane, syrups during Holy Week, candies, mango jelly and meringue, among others. The Cajetas Lupita and the Hojuelas La Amistad stand out.

And among the drinks we have the corn atol, tiste, pinolillo, jícaro seed, cocoa with milk, pozol, pozol with milk, warm pinol, pinol cooked with milk, corn chicha, sugar cane juice and the field liquor, cususa.

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