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Teonoste Point

The municipality of Tola is located to the west of the department of Rivas, it is constituted by very old lands with slight reliefs and hills, it is generally flat, the altitudes range between 40 m asl to the highest point of 477 m asl in Cerro La Moldy

Among the main attractions of the municipality are its 54 kilometers of coastline, where nineteen beaches are located. Tourist recreation is the main attraction in the municipality, the main tourist destinations are; El Astillero, Costa Larga, Teonoste, Guasacate, Sardina, Popoyo, Playa Rosada, Playa Iguana, Amarillo, Pie de Gigante, La Redonda, Bahía Manzanillo, Guacalito, Brito, El Icacal and Playa El Cinco.

Within the municipality there are many natural sites for recreation, among them are the Las Salinas de Nahualapa hot springs, which are hot and have large amounts of sulfur and healing properties. The site also has two swimming pools, benches for your comfort, you can also take walks in the surroundings, live and interact with the inhabitants and take pictures.

Another place to know in the municipality is la tiger cave, a natural cave located in the rock formations in front of the El Icacal beach, in the Pacific Ocean, you will be able to observe the beaches of El Icacal and El Cinco, know the peculiarities of the origin of the name. It is a little known place so your tour will be an adventure in the tranquility of nature. It is located in the extreme south-west of the municipality, approximately 14 kilometers from the urban area of ​​Tola.

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Giant Beach

Take a walk around El Arco natural bridge, I got to know this place of rock formation, possessing an impressive scenic beauty, it is possible to observe the Yellow Beach and the Punta del Pie del Gigante, as well as the entire extension of the coast of Playa Gigante. Strolling the bridge is only possible when the tide goes out.

La giant beach a place to rest, ideal for surf lovers where you can enjoy the sea, take a tour of the coast, carry out activities such as artisanal and sport fishing, take a boat tour, surf, dive, and go hiking and rappelling. You can also go horseback riding, get to know the surroundings and more. Playa Gigante is located 13 kilometers from the urban area of ​​the municipality of Tola, off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Do not forget to visit the Guasacate beach, a site that transmits peace and tranquility. There you can take a delicious bath in the sun, do water and beach sports, go horseback riding and much more. Also meet the beautiful Colorado beachIts white sand invites you to complete relaxation around nature; You can practice water and beach sports, watching marine fauna, walks on the beach and the surroundings.

La El Astillero beach It is a fishermen's place where you can learn about the traditional way of life of the community's residents, take walks in the community, ride a horse, take a boat ride, and swim. It is located north of Tola, very close to Las Salinas.

Do not miss the beautiful experience of knowing the sea ​​turtle nursery in Punta Teonoste. Observe the spawning of sea turtles that arrive at this place, learn about the conservation work that is carried out in this reserve and be part of this team that defends nature. This place is located on the southern coast of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Another place is the Santa Ana ecotourism farm; It is a very quiet place where you can enjoy natural spaces and share with people from the community, as well as horseback riding, hiking, bird watching, learn about the cheese making process and practice milking. If you want to know more about the community, this farm provides accommodation and food services. This site is located next to the El Coyol community health post, near the road that goes to the beaches of Tola.

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Turtles spawning at Punta Teonoste

In the Montes de Ávila country estate You can enjoy a very pleasant environment due to the amount of vegetation that exists in its surroundings, take horse-guided wagon rides, horseback riding, birdwatching, guided tours, sharing with the family and practicing agricultural and livestock activities. Without a doubt an experience that you will love. This farm is located in the rural community of San Ignacio, where you can get there by private vehicle. The farm is located in front of the San Ignacio sports field 800 meters to the south.

Know about the process of la salt production, visiting the indigenous community Las Salinas de Nahualapa, where large amounts of salt. It is one of the main sources of employment in the municipality. There they will explain the entire process that is carried out for the production of salt by taking a tour of the salt mines, these are located 31 kilometers from the urban area of ​​Tola.

Visit the company dedicated to shrimp farming and breeding, a new economic activity that some of the community's residents have implemented. There they will explain what this process is based on and you will learn to classify the different species of shrimp. To get there you must take a bus to Las Salinas and get off at the entrance to Popoyo.Among the most common species of fauna are the ocelot, white-tailed deer, rabbits, foxes, skunk, coyote, squirrel, guardatinaja, cusucos, Congo monkey, coatis, raccoon, partridges, magpie, pelican, buzzard, guardabarranco, quail, querque, owl, orange-fronted chocoyo, zapoyol chocoyo, carrte, pocoyo, boa, rattlesnake, lizards, paslama turtle, dolphin, manta ray, shark, eel, sea cockroach, hermit crab, starfish, urchins.


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