El municipality of Acoyapa It is located southeast of the department of Chontales and is part of the three municipalities that have a coastline on Lake Cocibolca.


Santa Elisa Caves

The main mountainous heights of the region are: Las Pavas, El Curco, Las Mangas, Las Ventanas and El Arado. The plains or savannahs, rich in natural pastures, that the municipal area contains are: La Guayaba, El Acetunal, Guanacastal, San Agustín and Santa Rosa.

El Windows Hill it is covered by a secondary forest. Excursion walks are ideal for this site, which is also of geological interest due to the existence of many caves inhabited by bats and other animals.

La cave of Santa Elisa, located 20 kilometers from Acoyapa on the route to the El Nancital archipelago, is an ancient geological formation. It is made up of quartz, silica and volcanic material.

In Lake Cocibolca is the El Nancital archipelago made up of 27 islands of volcanic origin and great natural beauty. El Terrón, Coquito, La Ceiba, El Cedro, Arena, Patilla, La Grande, La Baja and El Padre are the best known islands. La Pajarera is frequented by thousands of migratory and native birds. Throughout the area, the fishing of guapotes, mojarras, sabaletes, tilapias and lagoons is abundant.


El Nacital Archipelago

From the Port of La Horqueta, in the community of Santa Marta, you can hire a boat to tour the islands. The port is accessible either by car or motorcycle.

Among the main rivers that cross the municipality are the Acoyapa, Ojocuapa, Lóvago, Agua, El Cacao and Oyate rivers.

The hot springs of La Carreta and San Ignacio are reminiscent of an ancient ancient volcanic past. In the case of San Ignacio It is also worth mentioning its wetlands that are home to thousands of birds during their breeding season.

Oyate River

Oyate River

Among the representative species are the sardinillo, genízaro, poponjoche, ear and white guanacaste, ceiba, guachipilín, jícaro sabanero, medlar, avocado, coconut, helequeme, chiquirín, black wood, cuts, carao, mango, Moorish, sincoya, guácimo veal and grinder, equal or ass cover, soursop and soursop.

Among the fauna species are howler monkeys, bare-tailed fox, cusuco, myon fox, toucan, herons, storks, mallard, pig duck, piche, roseate spoonbill, owl, gray hawk, zenzontle, güis, grackle, sergeant, buzzard, iguana, garrobo, cuajipal, guapate, tilapia, mojarras, lagoons, sea bass, turtles, guabina, various species of snakes, guas, hawks, owls, among others.


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