Ometepe Island is a protected area with the category Biosphere Reserve according to Law No. 833, issued on February 19, 2013. Los Volcanes Conception y Woodwind  Core areas are considered from 300 m above sea level.

Altagracia is one of the municipalities of the Ometepe Island, located within the physiography of the Cordillera de los Maribios, within its municipal limits is part of the territory of the Concepcion Volcano and Maderas Volcano In its whole.

El Maderas Volcano It is located at the southern end of the Island, at 1,394 m above sea level, it is an inactive and compound volcano, very old and in an advanced state of erosion and collapse. In the Maderas the relief is steep and mountainous.

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Magdalena farm

Climbing the Maderas Volcano is almost mandatory for those who love nature. The excursion can start at three points: community of Mérida, El Porvenir and Finca Magdalena in Balgüe.

It begins by going through basic grain crops, small-scale cattle ranching and some small vegetable plantations.

As you climb the slopes, the impressive cloud forest appears, the best preserved and extensive in the Pacific of Nicaragua, some sources of water such as the Jerusalem waterfalls y San Ramónand Tichaná river and ravines of Mérida, Balgue and other small ones that tend to run more in the winter season, from Balgüe, Mérida, Tichaná and San Ramón you can see the beautiful sunset.

To climb the Maderas Volcano it is advisable to hire the services of a local guide, so your experience will be more pleasant.

El Waterhole located in the vicinity of Santo Domingo beach is where the river is born Good success. The water is sulfur and comes from springs that connect with the Concepción Volcano. It is a site with good environmental initiatives where visitors can learn while enjoying aquatic recreation. The place is well conditioned with showers, dressing rooms, comfortable benches, ranches and offers camping service, food and recreational activities such as: Banana tour, observation of fauna in the area (magpies, güises, butterflies, monkeys and squirrels) as well as tours on horseback or ox. Ojo de Agua is located in the region of Tilgüe, Santo Domingo.

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Maderas Volcano

Furthermore, the Istian isthmus it is a wetland mostly flooded during the rainy season. Important natural features are the presence of populations of cuajipales and a sanctuary for aquatic birds.

El Istian river one of the most beautiful places to observe birds in the municipality. It is a sanctuary for migratory birds and herons. You can take a kayak tour paddling in the middle of nature from Mérida to the mouth of the river, in a three-hour tour, with beautiful views of the two volcanoes, something unforgettable for those who visit it.

The beaches of the municipality are generally tree-lined and still maintain native vegetation on the sand. The beaches of Santo Domingo, Paso Real, San Miguel, Tagüizapa, Tilgüe, Los Ramos, Bancón, Charco Verde y South San Jose, are ideal for walks, landscape contemplation and aquatic recreation.

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Visit the beach Santo Domingo, relax with the constant breeze and the view of the Maderas Volcano, you can appreciate the sunset on the horizon and the characteristic herons of the place, take walks along the beach, and if you want to stay to enjoy more of this beautiful place you can Do it since there are hotels, restaurants and cabins on the site. This beach is located to the northwest of the island on the Istian isthmus.In the Santo Domingo community you can stroll along the La Peña Inculta Trail surrounded by forests, migratory and resident birds, among other species. The route of this path lasts one hour and it is advisable to be accompanied by a guide.

The beach or tip TaguizapaHere you can enjoy its beautiful and calm waters, in addition to observing beautiful sunsets with the Sun that hides on the horizon. Located 1.3 kilometers east of the town of Altagracia.

El Charco Verde Ecological Park It is a very important private initiative on the Island. On the property is the Laguna de Charco Verde, well known for its mythical legends, surrounded by dry forest and gallery, which alternate with agrosilvopastoral systems. There is an interesting colony of pig duck and needle duck on a cliff.

There is the possibility of staying at the Green Pond Hotel where you can taste traditional food, rent kayaks and equipment for sport fishing. This reserve is located at kilometer 12 of the Moyogalpa-Altagracia highway in the San José del Sur Community.

La Palma Pacena found in the vicinity of the San Fernando region is used for the construction of roofs and typical ranches.Among the representative fauna is the white-tailed deer, common armadillo, guatusa, white-faced monkey, white-legged colipinto mouse, coati, congo monkey, squirrel, cuajipal, túngara toad, bell bird, yellow-naped lora, querque. Likewise, Osprey, Toledo, Pig Duck, Marlin Duck, Lagunero Guapote, Guapote Pinto, Mojarras, Tilapia, Machaca, Snook, Snorer, King Shad, Gaspar, Shark, Sawfish.

The use of water resource for the communities it is one of the most important and sensitive. Some of the bodies of water used for drinking water are the Quebrada Pulman spring, Las Cuchillas spring (Jerusalem Waterfall), Tichaná river, Mérida spring and the Balgüe river.

Through artisanal fishing, fish are obtained mainly from Lake Cocibolca.

Other attractions for Nature Tourism that you should not overlook 

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Fishing eagle

San Ramón waterfall: a beautiful place with crystalline waters with a 50 meter high waterfall on the slopes of the Maderas Volcano, to get to this site you will make an adventurous tour of two hours, starting with the biological station of San Ramón, on a path where you can observe flora and fauna, take beautiful pictures surrounded by a warm climate. This waterfall is located four kilometers from the town of San Ramón.

El Long Chico Hill, Here you can learn about the legends and stories of fears linked to this character, take a tour of its trails, learn about generalities of flora and fauna of the municipality, its historical and cultural relevance in a tour surrounded by impressive panoramic views, relaxing climate and abundant nature. , this hill is located near the Charco Verde Nature Reserve.

If you are interested in other options for the tadventure urism  as cycling, do not hesitate to visit Altagracia that offers options to make a circuit through the city and the municipality in the company of a guide. On this tour you will travel paths with beautiful views of the Concepción and Maderas volcanoes, on a road that is not very difficult to pedal. The circuit is chosen by you, depending on the places you want to visit and your physical condition. You can bring your own bicycle or rent it in some establishments in the urban area of ​​the municipality.

Rural and community tourism

The farm Future It is an ecological hostel that allows you to enjoy nature and life in the country, rest and relaxation outside the noise of the city while appreciating scenic landscapes, impressive is what you experience on the farm. It has accommodation services, restaurants and recreational activities such as excursions to the Maderas Volcano, tours of the petroglyphs, walks in the area and visits to coffee farms. Located at the foot of the Maderas Volcano.



Hacienda Merida Farm: From the farm you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, take pictures considering the beautiful views of the Maderas and Concepción volcanoes, bathe in Lake Cocibolca, fish or climb Maderas in an adventure that you will not forget. It is located in the community of Mérida, at the foot of the Maderas Volcano.

Rural Community Tourism San José del Sur: It is a cooperative that you will love to visit, the tourist in this place has the opportunity to stay in one of the member farms and learn about the agricultural and livestock practices of the property, touring trails in a beautiful cultural exchange. This cooperative is located in the San José del Sur community.

La Magdalena farm It is one of the most recognized national and international community rural tourism initiatives.

On the farm you can enjoy a country atmosphere, cool weather and adventure. Here, accommodation service is offered in the old Casa Hacienda, they offer a tour of the petroglyphs, a tour of organic coffee, a tour of organic vegetable crops, basic grains and honey, a walk through the community, horseback riding and the ascent to the impressive Volcano. Woods. Located in the community of Balgüe, on the slopes of the Maderas Volcano, northern sector.


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