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The municipality of Belén is located north of the department of Rivas. Formed by a mountainous system, of marked relief, very steep that occupies 86% of its territory and the rest are relatively flat valleys. The mountainous system is part of the Brito formation.

One of the natural references of the municipality are the Green farms of Belén, which bring together eight properties of small and medium producers that have a landscape potential and natural resources for the agro-ecotourism offer. They conserve a total of 1,900 hectares of regenerating forest.

On the farms, the walks to get to know the forest and the fauna are one of the main attractions that alternate with productive activities and the rural environment of the area.

Among these farms you can know the Los Quiroz farm, which operates since 1995 as a dairy producer. Here you can learn the daily work of the field and get to know the surroundings of the place in the company of a guide.

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Gil González River

You can go horseback riding, hiking and a tour of the milk production process, milk a cow and learn about the rennet processes in a fresh and natural environment. This farm is located at kilometer 84.5 on the South Pan-American Highway.

You can also visit the estate of Don Antonio Rivera, a great promoter of the care and protection of the environment, among the main attractions of this site are the iguana and garrobos hatchery, and the walks in the forest through easily accessible trails.

In the municipality there are two main rivers: the Gil González River, which flows into Lake Cocibolca, and the rChachalaca river, that drains into the Pacific Ocean. Also some little water springs.

Among the representative species of flora are the congo monkey, iguana, garrobo, cusuco, raccoon, skunk, bare-tailed fox, oriopéndula and güis.


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