The municipality of Boaco is located in the central part of the country, nestled in the Cordillera de Amerrisque. It has a varied climate, from forest to tropical humid, with an approximate height of 360 m asl. Rainfall ranges between 1,200 and 2,000 mm per year.



The Serranía Chontaleña begins in this municipality, among the known valleys is Teustepe, which serves as a natural spillway along with the Malacatoya and Fonseca rivers for the Las Canoas reservoir.A break of the water currents towards the Caribbean is also identified, as part from the basin of the Rio Grande de Matagalpa and towards Lake Nicaragua.

The Amerrisque Range traverses the territory from northwest to southwest. The Fonseca River, which borders the city on its north and west courses, forms El Salto La Cotorra, which is a small waterfall twenty yards high and eight deep. It is on a rocky formation and forms a semicircle through which the waters pour into a wonderful fan of foams.

Two natural reserves are located in the municipality, Masigüe row and Mombachito hill, declared Protected Areas, important for their ecological areas, their biodiversity, endemism and water-producing areas.

Visit the Pozas of Saguatepe, surrounded by scenic landscapes and caves. It is about three jumps in the same place, the La Mielera jump, with a drop of 6 meters and 10 meters deep, the Los Aguileras waterfall, with a fall of nine meters and four meters deep, with its own characteristic: it has caves that border the pool and serve as a bridge in winter times; Y Round pose, With six meters deep, you can choose the one you like the most. They are located about four kilometers from the municipal seat of Boaco, with easy access.

Coffee plantation

Coffee plantation

I went up to Cerro La BaderaFrom there you can enjoy one of the best views of the municipality.

If you plan to stay in the municipality and live with nature, you can visit the Eco Hostel La Estrella, offers accommodation and food services, has all the basic services, you can also carry out different activities such as walks and observation of flora and fauna. It is located 40 kilometers from Boaco, on the highway to Río Blanco. 

La Hacienda Piedra Luna, it is an ideal place to practice rural tourism. The farm is a pleasant place where you can live with nature, observe the variety of birds found in the area and enjoy a dip in the warm waters of La Luna and La Bruja pools; You will also appreciate the different species of fish that inhabit them. It is located in the Zacatal region, 17 kilometers from Boaco.

Visit the Las Mercedes coffee farm, Enjoy the warm climate that characterizes it and its panoramic views, you will be able to know the so-called bamboo windbreaker curtains, used so that the coffee beans do not fall, visit the coffee plantations, share with the residents and enjoy a cup of coffee. Located 28 kilometers from Boaco.

The municipality has a hydrological system made up of secondary rivers, streams and main rivers, such as El Malacatoya, which has tributaries to the Fonseca, Boaco, Chicolaspa, Puente, Quebrada del Riego, Grande and Luna rivers. 

The flora species present in the municipality are the laurel, strawberry tree, quebracho, jiñocuabo, malinche, guanacuaste, guapinol, helequeme, tempate, chilamate, chiquilín, tigüilote, doll, sacuanjoche, as well as a great variety of ornamental and fruit plants.


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