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The municipality of Buenos Aires is located north of the city of Rivas and borders Lake Cocibolca, it is generally flat with small hills like El Menco hill.

The sites with natural attractions are many, but the one with the greatest potential and scenic beauty is Lake Cocibolca, which stretches for 27 kilometers, where visitors can choose where to enjoy its waters. The quiet beaches of the El Menco regions with its bay and Tolesmayda stand out; you can observe birds and native species. It is also observed in the four islands sector.

From the El Boquerón Strait, you can see Zapatera Island, the Mombacho Volcano and even the Concepción Volcano on Ometepe Island in all its splendor.

La Ñocarime lagoon it is a wetland with calm waters, shared with the municipality of Potosí. The walks are ideal for observing plants and animals. The boat ride is a great experience where you can see the scenic beauties of Isla Zapatera, Isla de Ometepe and Mombacho Volcano.

La Menco bay It is a beautiful place where you can relax on its beach and enjoy a bath in its waters, you can practice water and beach sports, as well as make an interesting boat trip to the El Menco island. On this tour you will be able to appreciate the Mombacho volcano, the Zapatera Island in the foreground, the Tinajita Island and the Concepción Volcano.

Visit the islets Tinaja, Tinajita and Tinajón. Here you can observe fauna such as garrobos and birds, it is a site where archaeological pieces have been found that reflect the indigenous history of this town and its contact with the lake, it is a natural beauty in which taking a tour of the island is not an exception. You can get to this place by boat.

Do not forget to visit the spa La BocanaIt is a place where you can have a good time enjoying its waters, ideal to visit with the family. You can do water sports, boat rides or on the beach and watch the sunset

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Cultivation of papaya and banana

One more option to take a dip in the municipality is the spa Tolesmayda, a wide and calm beach of coast, visited mainly by the inhabitants of the area. In summer you will find small ranches selling typical food and drink, a cozy place that allows you to have a beautiful view of the volcanoes and enjoy a warm bath in the waters of Lake Cocibolca. It is located in the rural area of ​​the municipality. 

Five small rivers and some natural ravines pass through Buenos Aires: the El Brujo River, the Chorro River, the Las Lajas River, the Gil González River and the Ochomogo River. All the rivers, with the exception of the Ochomogo, flow into the wetlands of the municipality and only in winter directly into the lake. The waters of these rivers are used by the population to irrigate crops, feed livestock and fish for aquatic fauna. The contemplation of the landscape on the hikes is surprising. aquatic ecosystem It is the most important resource, it is constituted by Lake Cocibolca, a very important freshwater ecosystem for being one of the largest freshwater reserves in the country and in Central America. The five rivers that cross the municipality and the Ñocarime Lagoon are also included.. 

Among the representative fauna species are the deer, congo monkey, mion fox, bare-tailed fox, rabbit, iguana, woodpecker, güis, tufted magpie, garrobo, querque, osprey, great egret, cattle heron, carrot, pijul, pigeon white wing, zenzontle, piñuela jumps, mojarras, guapote, sardines, sabanera turtle, guabina and crabs, among others.


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