In particular, it presents an irregular topography, with great heights, small valleys, some plateaus, numerous hills, hollows and, above all, little flat terrain. The Dariense mountain range crosses it in a northeast direction.

Viewpoint Cerro El Calvario Matagalpa

Ecological Park and Viewpoint Cerro El Calvario

In the municipality, heights such as the hills El Picacho (1,750 m), Palsila (1,478 m) and Tejerina (913.75 m) stand out, in whose upper part there are rows of pines that grow on the rocky edge.

The urban area is surrounded by hills among which are El Arenera (968 m asl.) and San Salvador (1,247 m asl) to the north; Cerro San Martín (786 m asl) to the northeast, El Calvario (834 m asl) and Cerro de Piedra (1,123 m asl), as well as a small hill called Cerro El Tambor (718 m asl) all to the west. To the south of the city of Matagalpa is located the Apante mountain, with its culminating peak called Buena Vista (1,442 m asl).

Ecological Park and Viewpoint Cerro El Calvario
It is located to the west of the urban area of ​​Matagalpa, in the Las Lomas community at an altitude of 854 meters above sea level, it has a cool climate suitable for the healthy recreation of children, youth and adults. In this place you can take a tour through green areas until you reach the top of the hill; where the viewpoint is located with magnificent panoramic views of the city at 180 degrees and its mountains. It has a Canopy 250 meters away, environmental education Arboretum, trails, vestiges of a colonial cemetery, children's recreation areas, typical food kiosk and restaurant.

The Ecological Park has gone through a process of environmental transformation where the issue of high birth rates is adopted and a tree is planted for every 25 children born in the municipality in the Birth Forest.

Cerro El Arenal Nature Reserve and Protected Area
You can go hiking in the mountains, bird watching depending on the season of the year, quetzals are sighted, coffee tours, natural medicine process from its cultivation, cultivation of flowers and plants for floral arrangements, cultivation of vegetables, orchids and panoramic views with a cloud forest climate that lasts for most of the year.

Apante Hill

Apante Hill

Cerro Apante Nature Reserve and Protected Area

It is part of the Isabelia mountain range, it is located northeast of the urban area of ​​the city of Matagalpa, the approximate area of ​​the reserve is 1,989 hectares, which is equivalent to 19.89 km2 and 1,267 mz; This protected area is characterized by the biological wealth of wild flora and fauna of the tropical cloud forest. The nature reserve can be considered as a source and gene bank of wild populations, of plant species of great medicinal or ornamental value.

You can make the 4.5 km of trail through which it crosses the Agualcas ravine, (ancestral name of the Matagalpa language that means Come achiote), and enjoy a panoramic view of the city the heights range between 850 meters above sea level - 1100 meters above sea level at the viewpoint and where is the cross

In the area you can enjoy the excursion through tree-lined paths, good weather and the presence of extraordinary landscapes. In this site the cloud forest and the birds are among the most valued attractions.

To the northwest of the municipality is the Cerro Frio La Cumplida Nature Reserve and Protected AreaIt has an approximate area of ​​25 km², it is a highly coffee-producing area. The ecosystem rich in biodiversity as it maintains a large part of the native trees, which serve as habitat for mammals and birds mainly. It is located in the extreme northeast of the municipality.

Natural Reserve and Protected Area Salto Río Yassica It is shared with the municipality of San Ramón, has an area of ​​approximately one square kilometer, coffee is grown and there are ideal water sources to enjoy aquatic recreation and the wooded landscape of its surroundings. It is located in the rural area of ​​the municipality.

The Santa Emilia waterfall

The Santa Emilia waterfall

The waterfall better known as Saint Emily its original name is Salto Río Yassica the cave and pool its original name is El Cebollal considered archaeological and natural heritage, said heritage you can visit at the Ecolodge business  White Waterfall

The EcoLodge Cascada Blanca offers you the opportunity to go hiking, camping and practice yoga, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage after touring this Matagalpa paradise. It is located at kilometer 147 of the road to La Dalia, within the Salto Río Yasica Reserve and Protected Area.

El Black Forest Mountain Hotel It belongs to the nucleus of the Cerro El Arenal Natural Reserve and Protected Area, it is the second mountain hotel in Nicaragua founded in 1975, a year after the extinct Aranjuez Mountain Hotel owned by the Potter family that later became a sanatorium; Since then it has never closed its doors, being chosen in 2013 as part of the 13 favorite destinations worldwide for Weddings, its chapel is ideal for this purpose.

It has a varied tourist offer, rooms, family and matrimonial cabins chosen for decades for honeymoons, its cool climate is ideal for hiking along its different trails within the mountain where you can observe the flora, wildlife and make bird sightings. during the migration season to the majestic Quetzal; It has a tour of the farm itself, which is diversified, a coffee tour, a restaurant and a small museum that keeps a lot of history of the emigrants who arrived in Matagalpa.

It is located at km 140 old highway Matagalpa - Jinotega, 10 km from the town center

Hacienda The Fulfilled

Hacienda The Fulfilled

Las Nubes Agrotourism Cooperative: It is part of the nucleus of the Cerro Frío Natural Reserve and Protected Area, located in the Las Nubes 3 community and, as its name implies, it is a beautiful natural place whose offer is diversified with tours of Coffee, Orchids, tours of the frog farms of Red Eye, Apple Snails, Rabbits and Wild Hares, Hiking to El Colibrí Waterfall, Natural Viewpoints, spiritual contact with nature in the mountains, typical food and lodging; all in a natural and familiar environment that is welcoming to visitors.

To get there you can take the Tuma La Dalia Highway, km 146 Las Cañas bridge 8 km to the north, turn off La Cumplida junction.

Potter's Disparte: It is located in the Cerro El Arenal Nature Reserve and Protected Area, on the banks of the old Matagalpa – Jinotega highway in the El Arenal community, its name dates back to 1935 when Mr. Charles Potter who had the need to get his coffee from the hacienda located in la Fundadora, I take the initiative to build a trail; but this had to pass through the middle of a hill so he decided to dynamite said hill to achieve his goal to what everyone called Potter's Nonsense, today in that place there is a Restaurant that has a cabin service and a path to the viewpoint of Potter's Disparate from where you can see the mountain ranges and the San Cristóbal volcano with a privileged climate and a beautiful panoramic view.


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