The municipality of Mozonte is located in the center-west of the department of Nueva Segovia.

Dipilto Jalapa Mountain Range

Dipilto Jalapa Mountain Range

The relief is broken with slight plains in the northern part of the municipality, it crosses the Dipilto mountain range, where the highest elevations are observed in the Chachagua hill (1,904 masl), El Sacuan Mountain (1,836 masl), El Tizal Hill ( 1,778 masl), Cerro El Barro (1,734 masl), Cerro La Gloria (1,725 ​​masl) and Cerro Piedra del Gato (1,619 masl).

This municipality has two important plains which are the Llano Las Cruces and the Llano Los Arados.

Part of the territory of the municipality is included in the Dipilto-Jalapa Cordillera Reserve, It is an area with many values ​​since it has mountain ranges covered with pine and oak, various rivers, the presence of species of flora and fauna that are already scarce in the rest of the country, and impressive landscapes.

Among the main rivers and streams are the Mozonte River, Quisulí River, Achuapa River to the north, and the San Onofre, La Tigra, Los Amayos, La Naranja and Volcán Viejo streams to the south.

Hen/Stag flora species representative are: montero avocado, mahogany, white madroño, palo de agua, pochote areno, camibar, white blood, helequeme (gualiqueme), maría, colorado blood, chaperno, male cedar, guácimo, jobo, chilamate, white laurel, nancitón, oak , coyote, hawk and guapinol.

Between your fauna stand out: tapir, howler monkey, mountain pig, quetzal, dwarf hermit, cobbled woodpecker, goldfinch, blue-fronted amazilia and striped-tailed hummingbird.

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Mozonte River

Mozonte River

Explore the Guasara Hill, On this hill you can see different viewpoints, including El Sulimán, where you can see the communities of El Cuyal, Apamiguel and El Cacao; following the path is the El Avión viewpoint, where you can see the town of El Zapote reaching the top you can see Ocotal, Mozonte, San Fernando, Las Cruces, Salamanca and on the east side of the hill is the El Gramal field with a wonderful scenic view.

You can get to the place by 4X4 truck, since the road is not accessible for light transport, it does not have any type of signage. Or, take a bus that leaves at 06:00 am from Mozonte to the El Cacao community.

Get to know the Mozonte River, surrounded by large stones, through a short tour you can see the small waterfalls it has. To visit this natural beauty, it is advisable to turn to a local guide.

Venture out to discover Las Pilitas, an ideal natural destination to enjoy its refreshing and crystal-clear waters. We also recommend you visit the El Coyol spa and explore the Apabarra hill.

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San Fernado Equestrian Center

San Fernado Equestrian Center

The stable: This site is located at kilometer 235, it has 20 Spanish and Iberian horses, which are trained to rent them during the patron saint festivities. They offer horseback riding classes to those who want to learn to ride.

You can appreciate the training that the horses do and dance movements. It is a well-known place, to get there you must walk from the center of Mozonte.


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