The municipality of Murra is located northeast of the department of Nueva Segovia, between altitudes of 750 and 1,400 msnm

El Rosario jump Salva de la Selva Morena It is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Nicaragua, it is approximately 160 meters high and has a flow that is maintained in winter and summer. It is made up of three jumps that slide over the rock for more than 130 meters high.

It is ideal for hiking, picnicking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, horseback riding, and community exploration. Stationed on the Pijibay mountain, in the El Rosario community, the largest in the municipality, which is 27 kilometers from the municipality. El Salto El Rosario is inside a private property, if you want to visit this place you need to contact the owner of it, Mr. Pedro Juan Moreno, to make your visit possible.

The sector is surrounded by nature where you can see impressive landscapes, ideal for exploring them on walks or on horseback. It is a jungle area where species of fauna important for conservation are found. Located 25 kilometers from the urban area, approximately two kilometers, before reaching the El Rosario community.

El Cerro El Chipote, which is shared with the municipality of Quilalí, it is a site of historical importance that is covered by lush vegetation. Pleasant place for adventure, contemplation of the landscape and nature.

This hill is an icon of the revolutionary history of Nicaragua, where the bloodiest combats of General Augusto C. Sandino's struggle took place, as well as being used as a hiding place due to its strategic location.

Pine forests

Pine forests

To get there you must go to the El Olingo community which is located 12 kilometers from the urban area, access must be done with someone who knows the area.

Meet the El Pofi jump, rustic area with natural beauties and unique landscapes, here you will have the opportunity to appreciate cedar, pine, fruit trees and diversity of fauna. The waterfall is located two kilometers from the municipality and can be reached on the road that goes to the municipality of El Jícaro.

The hydrography of the municipality constitutes important places for its diversity and landscape, among the main tributaries is the Murra River, which in turn is fed by the Las Américas, La Rastra and San Rafael streams. There are also the Tamiz, San Pablo, Congojas and Poteca rivers.

The municipality has pine forests dominated by the ocote pine species and is combined with the other three pine species that exist in the country. The trees have heights with more than 12 meters, with grasses in the undergrowth. The pine and oak forest constitute a compact ecosystem where there is a lot of humidity and the presence of epiphytic plants.

La plant species representative of the municipality is composed of: ocote pine, candelillo pine, patula pine, male pine, oak oak, cocula cedar, sand, maría, pochote, mountain tamarind, laurel lot, liquidambar, granadillo, mahogany, royal cedar, guapinol, palo obero, güiligüiste, genízaro, achiotillo, oak, coal, old man's beard, penca, broom palm and mountain grape.

La fauna of the municipality is represented by: white-tailed deer, rabbit, mountain lion, guatusa, squirrel, peccary, cusuco, pigeons, guanaco bird, goldfinch, guardiola or Guardatinaja, limpet, buzzard, zanate and ranger.

Tourism rural

Coffee plantations

Coffee plantations

Get to know the farm Las Palmas dedicated to coffee growing. This product is marketed by CISA Exportadora to countries such as Germany and the United States. The property is located in the El Doradito community, 8 kilometers from the municipality. Here you will learn about the process of making coffee and cupping it.

It has forests where you can hike, and water sources in its surroundings where you can see a diversity of fauna and birds such as toucans and guardabarrancos. To make your visit possible, you must first call the owner of the farm.

Panorama from El Chipote Hill

Visit the farm Good view, here gold is extracted in an artisanal way in a vein of solid earth and in another vein on the bank of the creek; enjoy the great diversity of flora and fauna and coffee plantations. The farm is located in the Las Victorias community, to materialize your visit you must first call the owner of the farm.

Head to the farm The Bellorines, it has an area of ​​300 blocks; with natural and historical wealth, since in the lands of this farm he was assassinated Juan Gregorio Colindres, one of the generals who accompanied Sandino in the fight against the North American occupation.

It is 2.5 kilometers from the urban center of Murra, in the El Plantel community number 1. If you are interested in visiting it, contact its owner.


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